viral Reload

Dzialdov Berlin

Performance: Deva Schubert / Juan Felipe Amaya González
Music: Georgi Tomov Georgiev
Costume: Monika Dorniak
Photos: Philipp Weinrich
Video: Ayasha Guerin

Special thanks to Ulrike Zöllner

Duration: 40 min

By intuitively feeling current and historical bodies, they become distorted, they become sketches of themselves, they become undercover and blurry. Without explicitly being programmed to perform the task of feeling, interacting, and relating, in “viral RELOAD” Deva Schubert and Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez accompanied by the costumes of Monika Dorniak and the sound of Georgi Tomov Georgiev speculate about the future of togetherness, folk, touch, and otherwise unknown events.