Glitch Choir

Reinbeckhallen (Premiere)

choreography & concept by Deva Schubert
performance by Chihiro Araki, Deva Schubert & guests
created with Emilie Gregersen
guests: Liina Magnea & Louisa Alfonso
composition & sound design by Ben Meerwein & Davide Luciani
voice coaching: Doreen Kutzke
dramaturgy & research by Lotta Beckers & Jette Büchsenschütz
costume & stage by Ama Tomberli
assistance by Carla-Frieda Nettelnbreker
production by Wiebke Wesselmann
GLITCH CHOIR transfers the phenomenon of the glitch into the analog space. At the center of the piece is the recomposition of a song of lament through glitching. Historically, public mourning has primarily been per- formed by women, so-called lamenters, who, in exchange for payment, give emotional expression to others’ grief for the deceased. It is mostly women, who are allowed to, but also damned to glitch the private into the public. The two female performers open up a collective body of mourning by creating a space of intimate multiresonance. In the vocal distortion already inherent in the lament, a transformation of mourning into a collective glitch takes place. What kind of choir emerges in the dissonance of frequencies?