Age of Majority

Tropez Berlin

developed by:
Deva Schubert and Dylan Spencer-Davidson

styled by: Nicole Walker

Dance performance:
Dora, Effie, Ella Belle, Josephine, Maida, Mila, Jordan, and Sidonie
Born into a dying future, today's preadolescents are the first representatives of Generation Alpha – a generation likely to be faced with immense global challenges in their lifetime. Too young to be afforded a democratic voice, but born too late to wait around, many of them are starting to take direct action around the world.

Age of majority is choreographic performance by Dylan Spencer-Davidson, developed collaboratively with  Dora (11), Effie (11), Ella Belle (11), Josephine (11), Maida (12), Mila (12), Jordan (10), Sidonie (11), and Deva Schubert. By consciously occupying public space and subtly disrupting social codes, the performers adopt »subject rebel positions« and test ideas around autonomy, self-esteem, identity formation, performativity and resistance.