Radialsystem Berlin

Concept / Choreography: Deva Schubert
Performance: Ailin Formia, Harald StojanJuan Felipe Amaya González
Music / Live coding: Axel Pulgar
Costume: Julieta Omil
Dramaturgy: Maciej Sado
Photos: Philipp Weinrich

Special thanks to Mathias Mohr, Stella Horta, Studiohaus Osten

Duration: six hours in 30 minute loops

In "ASSEMBLY" a group of millennials (members of a generation that has reached adulthood at the beginning of the 21st century) speculates on the question of what a synthesis of social interaction, synchronicity and forms of being together might look like in the future - in view of the impossibility of leaving behind images and concepts of the past.

Including synthetic materials, organic objects, live recordings edited by real-time programming and a generative composition with three performers, a temporary community is created. The starting point is a choreographic score, which is based on the one hand on a sensibility for great distances and on the other hand on the attempt to bring together what is far away, for example through the use of digital tools as well as through a synchronicity of  multiple spaces simultaneously.

The choreographer and visual artist Deva Schubert has set different thematic focuses for the performers on each day of presentation in the form of scores: an the examination of  ecosystems and our environment ("Forecast no Forecast"), of memory and nostalgia  ("Untouching / Millennial"), and of membranes and surfaces ("Renewable Synthesis").

“ASSEMBLY" interweaves elements of a distant alpine musical tradition, such as the music of the alphorn and yodeling, with the live edited recordings of soundscapes of where a specific venue is located. Sculptures made of organic and synthetic materials such as fur, PVC, and cables are further protagonists of the installative arrangement, whose ambivalent inner laws are constantly being renegotiated

ASSEMBLY originated as Deva Schubert's graduation piece at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT), which was interrupted by the global pandemic, Covid 19.